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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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headlines, new hope this morning for the families of the seven tourists missing in the sea of corteza local politician put new pressure on the mexican government to extend the search for them. good morning, i'm amy hollyfield, live in pittsburg police are trying to figure out why a man was gunned down last night on pap pop lar trail in pittsburg. check out this beautiful picture from sutro tower this morning, sun rising over the bay. cooling trend is on the way. i'll show you how low we'll go. >> and fog will affect your commute especially on the coast.
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we'll take a look at that accident, westbound highway 4, all the details coming up at 6:09. good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. top story, police in contra costa this morning are trying to figure out who shot a man on a popular hiking trail. the man was shot in the head last night. amy hollyfield joins us now from pittsburg with more. >> this trail is a lovely place to be, like a warm summer night but now look at it, crime tape to greet people and two police cars on the scene. they are still looking for clues unfortunately they don't have much to go on. a man was shot in the head at 8:30 but no witnesses have come forward. someone did run into mcdonald's that a person had been shot at atlantic avenue and harbor street but beyond that they don't have any information. no information about the suspect. they don't even know it was one person or more. they don't know if it was
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gang-related or the man was targeted, this is a robbery, a random attack. they are still looking for a lot of information. this is the east bay regional police jurisdiction but pittsburg will be lead agency on this case. the victim is in critical condition and they haven't released his name. this is the second shooting on this trail in the past two months, back in may a 19-year-old man was shot in the shoulder, they believe that case was gang-related. there new hope for the family members of seven northern california tourists missing in the waters off of baja california, the search is being extended. more help is on the way. nick smith has more. >> reporter: good morning because today would have ended the search if they were falling standard operating procedures but today a c-130 took off from
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sacramento to help mexican researchers who have been looking for survivors from sunday's ship wreck in a 1500 square mile region in the sea of cortez off the coast of mexico. they said the calm and warm waters could enable someone to stay alive for several days. >> the c-130 actually is too big to perform the rescue. at that point, they will notify land or air assets, like a helicopter that could get closer to the people in the water. at that point it would certainly be checked out by medical technicians and taken to the nearest hospital for evaluation. >> the seven men were on board a fishing boat when it sank sunday morning. more than 40 people were on board at the time.
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mexican navy and u.s. coastguard has searched more than 1100 square miles. the aircraft took off from mcclellan air force base this morning and mexican authorities are leading the search but rescuers and mexican authorities are hoping they can find survivors. live at the coast island in alameda, nick smith, "abc 7 news." jaycee dugard is breaking her silence on television since she was freed. she gave diane sawyer an exclusive interview ahead the release of her book. she says she wears a pine cone around her neck because that is the last thing she remembers after losing consciousness. she says she can't believe she can now jump into a car and just
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go to her beach with her girls. the exclusive interview will air on a special two hour edition of prime time from 9:00 to 11:00 this sunday right here. diane will give us a preview on "good morning america." >> right now in orlando, florida a sentencing hearing for casey anthony is just getting started. live pictures from orlando, florida, they found her not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter back in 2008. she still faces misdemeanor charges of lying to investigators but she may go free today. she spent three years in jail awaiting trial. we're planning to air a live report after the judge hands down his sentence. that is expected to happen sometime this hour. >> the oakland police department is undergoing a massive reorganization to help a small are force fight a rising crime
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rate. the chief says specialized unit like the motorcycle squad will be eliminated. officers will move in disbanded units to patrol duty. it will put more officers in crime plagued east zbleoblg overall i think the citizens should see customer service better, more effective organization and if that doesn't work, we'll reevaluate and shift the change but that is the focus of what we're trying do. >> several detective squads will merge into one major crime unit that will investigate homicides and assaults. >> this afternoon they will announce whether they approved new contract with the city. oakland city council approved a new budget to close the budget deficit for the next fiscal year. it included a plan which includes officers contributing 9% to their own pension plans and raising the retirement age
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of new hires from 50 to 55. oakland police officers would not be included in any fiscal cuts until 2013. the 630 officers have until noon today to vote. >> i think we have something along the lines of a heat wave but i think they are calling it off. >> but it's different today. >> do you have a phone number? who is calling. >> i thought it was you. >> i know there is a lot of people -- it's been a heat wave. we've had above 90-degree temperatures for 5:00 and 6:00 and some people get hotter and other people love it. what we're going to do is take the temperatures down temporarily, not me but they. here is a look what is going on. trough sinking down in california and we're seeing a lot more gray this morning. still in the 50s in the east bay valleys. fremont and san jose, everybody
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else stepping out in the 50s right now. destination this afternoon under sunshine away from the coast near 90 in antioch and livermore. 87 in concord, 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. low 80s in north bay valleys and mid-80s in the south bay. oakland, 71. cooling breeze is going to stay around your neighborhoods. 75 in san mateo. only 61 at half moon bay. 57 in monterey, 72 in santa cruz and near 90 in gilroy and hollister. seven-day forecast, more cooling for saturday, sunday, monday and coolest weather could be tuesday and wednesday. sounds like sue has good news for you. couple earlier accidents cleared, downtown motorcycle accident around fell is back up. and earlier accident on "g" street, traffic is going to be rough ride though out of
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antioch. >> "h" train number 1 is seven minutes late. there is an injured. that is "h" train number 1. heavy fog coming off the waldo grade. there is golden gate bridge, bay bridge toll plaza, relatively light best way to go would be fastrak and car-pool lane. >> thanks a lot. we appreciate that. you are looking at a live picture out of that or land's, florida courtroom. casey is awaiting her sentencing. a jury found her not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter. >> this may be her last day in custody, she may be released on time served. she has been in jail for three years, she was convicted of lying but not guilty of murder. they are going through a host of motions and at the end of that they're going to be coming up with the sentencing for the
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woman who was found not guilty. >> abc news is planning to air a special report after the judge is handing down the sentence. we're watching that closely out of orlando. we'll bring you that sprnl reported. just ahead the vote today that could move all electronic tolls at the bridge. >> and for a full day in san francisco, the train agency that taxi drivers hope that will join them on the picket line. >> two pilots, one emergency and what they are revealing about a flight
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it's 6:13. a live picture out of orlando where we're waiting for casey anthony to be sentenced. the mother found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter. her attorney tells abc news, arguing that she should be sentenced to time served. she has been behind bars for three years. she could get up to four years a
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year each of four counts. we're keeping our eye on this. it appears to be growing near for tolltakers of the golden gate bridge. they will vote on a number of payment options for drivers, none of which include people taking tolls. two out of three motors use fastrak method. many will consider a retail location near the tolls. full board votes tomorrow. all electronic tolling is scheduled to be place by next year. >> taxi drivers are planning a 24-hour strike on august 2nd. they are hoping muni operators will join them. last month they converged on city hall and parked there for almost two years. they are serious about electronic tracking system and credit card fee they say is
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excessive. it will be very difficult to get a taxi to go to work in the morning and get one in the evening when you are coming home from work. >> the taxi drivers want muni drivers to join them to send a stronger message to shared boss, the municipal transportation agency. we got the fog in the morning and sun during the day. mike nicco, how long is it going to had last? how hot is it going to get. >> it looks a lot more like normal. >> a lot of people are asking that. >> we're looking down -- wow? is that sutro looking down. but we're seeing the sun come up to the east above the clouds. morning clouds giving to afternoon sunshine. temperatures are going to cool and get back to normal levels
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starting today. talk about what is going on temperature-wise. we have 60-degree weather in fairfield, antioch, livermore and san jose, still the rest of us in the 50s. around the monterey bay inland, dealing with a lost cloud cover and temperatures in the low to mid-50s. clouds are still lingering at the coast, it will be sunny around the bay and inland but cooler just about everywhere. those clouds will see an increase each night and sea breeze is stronger. that is cool air and also means the sun has less time to warm the ground and that allows the highs to tumble. 24-hour temperature changes, san francisco two degrees cooler, oakland 3, 35 in fremont, santa rosa, 6. you see the biggest cooling inland where it's been the hottest. 98 in concord, today 87 so 11 degrees cooler. here is a look at the cloud cover. you can see some fog trying to
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push in toward santa rosa. by 9:00 it stops making its eastward movement and then back to the coast where it's going hang out in the afternoon keeping you in the 50s but 90s inland but less and less the next couple of days. 87 in campbell down to tell in campbell. low to mid-70s in millbrae and san mateo. otherwise low 80s on the peninsula. look at pacifica, 59 degrees. coolest spot along the coast. mid-50s downtown san francisco. we should have 70 in sausalito to 78 in petaluma. low to mid-80s in the north bay valleys with low 60s at your beaches. low to mid-70s in the northern half of the east bay shore. even a 69 around berkeley, but we should get to 80 around fremont. check out antioch and livermore, 90-degree temperatures. same type of weather around
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morgan hill and hollister. one last stop, at&t park, it will be 63 degrees, cool and breezy down to 59 by the end of game. your accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures will drop probably another 2-4 to 6 degrees by the end of the forecast with a lost afternoon sunshine away from the coast. if you are traveling, mass transit this morning, we've got delay for "h" train number one. about a ten-minute delay out of the central valley. we've got a passenger who apparently has been injured. emergency crews or the scene. train number three reporting minor delays, all of mass transit, no problems. getting word of a water break in downtown lafayette. they've got some more lanes blocked, they are trying to get that cleared out. we've got a stalled bus in southbound, that would be the
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101 lane right lane is blocked there. san rafael, 101 commute looks pretty good. traveling in the southbound direction toward central san rafael. bay bridge toll plaza is pretty light but metering lights have just been turned on. go to for all your information and click on bay area traffic. bay area music legend to a local county fair. don sanchez has it all in today's what's hot note. >> a bay area music dynamo, lynde yeah pense, saturday night at george's nightclub in san rafael. >> can we do it? yes, we can. >> tony award winning mime trouf7 presents 2012, the musical. ♪ >> more than 150 artists show
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the finest clay and glass art to be found anywhere. live demonstrations at palo alto clay festival. ♪ ♪ >> tony castro headlines, garden experts and outdoor art in petaluma. ♪ ♪ >> they are joined by five other divas monday night at freedom salvage helping their friend in a cancer tight. >> family fun highlights the alameda county fair, horse racing at fairgrounds in pleasanton. we're getting a glimpse into how southwest airlines handled a frightening incident. it was travel from phoenix to sacramento when a six foot hole
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opened up in the 737. flight crew remained calm taking the plane down more than 20,000 feet in more than 5 minutes. >> apparently we've got all the fuselage in the back of the airplane. >> how far away. >> you can hit 3:00 position at 5 miles. >> none of the crew or 118 passengers suffered serious injuries. they believe a manufacturing defect caused the crack and an inspection uncovered other planes with fuselage problems. >> coming up, facebook friends skype. new features that could bring its members closer and how google is trying to keep up.
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you can seetctctctctctctctctctcc
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good morning, 6:24. another live shot from orlando where you are looking at casey
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anthony, mother acquitted of killing her two-year-old but convicted of lying to investigators. her defense lawyers have asked the judge to consolidate her four counts of lying to be one count. if the judge grease agrees with that, she can go free. there are armed guards lined up outside. we'll continue to follow it for you. >> palo alto based facebook is giving their users a more intimate way to stay in touch. they say the social networking chat is offering video chatting free in a deal with skype. they have four billion posts a day on facebook and project manager says how the service works. >> you start the video and there we go, it's connecting and then,
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there we go. >> last week google introduced google plus, facebook's most serious challenge in social networking, it includes video chatting for up to ten people while facebook is restricted to one on one chatting. still ahead at 6:30. overnight issue that has dozens of residents waking up without water this morning. >> a thief caught on camera. why the investigation has now cost one taxi driver his wheels. >> and beware, of the bell but bomb. terror plots involving surgically implanted explosives. >> there has been another attack on the de anza trail, second shooting had in two months, i'm aim iay and live report from pittsburg up next. >> and good news from major airports, we have no delays and if any to develop flight
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. live picture of nasdaq, stock futures rising ahead of two positive reports on the labor market. they say the number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level in several weeks. we'll get the latest on early trading about 15 minutes from now. >> right now in orlando, florida a sentencing hearing is underway for casey anthony. these are live pictures. they found her not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter caylee in 2008 but she still facing sentencing on misdemeanor charges of lying to investigators. four counts she was on but her
6:31 am
lawyers want it reduced to one count. abc news is planning to air a special report just after the judge is to hand down the sentence. stay with us as they watch the case in the sentencing. >> back here. police in contra costa county are trying to figure out who shot a man on a popular hiking trail. the man was shot in the head last night. amy hollyfield joins us live from pittsburg with the latest. >> it it's such a pretty morning it's shut down with police tape. is the second shooting on the trail in two months. the latest violence happened last night at 8:30. a man was walking on the trail and he was shot in the head. someone realized there had been a shooting. they ran into mcdonald's to call 911 but no one saw anything, at
6:32 am
least police haven't found anyone that saw anything and they have no suspect information. this happened near the intersection of atlantic avenue and harbor road. the victim is in critical condition, police don't know if he was targeted, if it was a gang attack or random attack. back in may, a man was shot at about 11:30 also on the trail. he was shot in the shoulder, 19-year-old man and police believe that one was gang-related. they need some help. the man couldn't identify his attacker. this man is in critical condition and no one saw this happen. if you have any information about these incidents that happened on this trail you are encouraged to call police. amy hollyfield, have this th. a witness has rumored to come forward sunday night's fatal shooting at bart station in san francisco. the witness says the man who police say was armed with a knife was definitely not running
6:33 am
or lounging at the two bart officers when they shot him. they were getting off the train station and saw the incident about 35 feet away. they say the man looked like a drunk hippie and should not have been shot. officers involved are on routine administrative leave. >> in east palo alto the chief of police is asking for help to fulfill a promise to break the backs of two gangs in his city. the promise stems from the gang violence that killed baby isaac. the chief tried to convince the latino community to shot down the gang activity in east palo alto but for many there is a fear of retaliation by gang members if they talk to police. >> love your kids and make sure they are not being recruited by your the gangs. report crime if you see it. >> it's to help those in those
6:34 am
lifestyles to get them out. we show them a different way of life. >> the chief called local and state and federal law enforcement agencies to put pressure on known gang members. >> 100 customers are without water service after a water main broke last night. it happened around 11:30 at village center drive at mount diablo boulevard. officials say it could take several hours. water flowed half a block and then down a hill and right into josh nelson's home. he says he woke up thinking he could hear a creek. >> i put my shoes on and run to the living room and i looked out the sliding glass door and the backyard was five inches deep of water. >> he says his garage was also flooded. several boxes damaged. his family had not unpacked everything since moving in
6:35 am
couple months ago. >> they are working on a new leads in the theft of a picasso drawing. they have impounded the cab that they believe was hailed after snatching the piece off a gallery wall. it shows a man walking by with a picture frame under his arm. >> picasso is my favorite artist. we want to help out the neighborhood and catch this guy. >> they hope that someone will recognize the man and call detectives. they plan to recruit inside these video -- -- scrutinize. >> there is a decision in the sentencing of casey anthony. >> here is a special report.
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>> just watching a special report. hearing does continue with other matters but the bottom line she will be released in a few weeks, she will not go free today. judge having given her that sentence on four counts of lying to investigators in the death of her two-year-old daughter caylee in that investigation. >> one year for each count of lying to investigators in late july, august she is a free woman. let's check in with mike. >> good morning to you. here is a look what is going on
6:39 am
to our north, notice the clouds singing down -- sinking down and that is steering our winds onshore and looking at the clouds to the south and cooling trend will move inland. out of the west at 12 and gusting 17 miles an hour at fairfield and that is the key if the winds are going to make it into our inland neighborhoods. 1 degree warmer in san francisco redwood city, half moon bay the same. everybody else about 1-5 degrees cooler. >> that is the reason why we'll be cooler today. >> 50s and 60s. as we head for noon, 70s and few 80s inland but low to mid-60s around san francisco and oakland by 4:00, a whole lot of sunshine but cool along the coast and san francisco, low to mid 50s, 70s to even 80s as you head inland. seven-day forecast, about 6-8 degrees cooler throughout the
6:40 am
weekend and into next week. 'if you everybody coming up from the peninsula, northbound 101 headache into san francisco, we have a major problem with a big rig, sig alert, it has lost part of its load at 7th and by yachbt, two right lanes blocked with debris. traffic is backing up heading into san francisco. hfls train delays, number one, 7-10 minutes late. they are dealing with an injured passenger. train number three, minor delays and stalled bus 280 at 101 has been cleared. >> and trading is under way on wall street. live report straight ahead. >> and cheating in american schools, a new case offers a twist. and how a surgery is=x=x=x=x
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time for your california forecast. look at the radar, still active but everything starting to quiet. it's going to get hot and thunderstorms are possible around palm springs and yosemite. 88 in yosemite and mid 90s if you are traveling through the central valley. a little cloud cover and 74 in big sur. >> china is dismissing reports that it's retired president has died. they say it's pure rumor but there has been intense internet chatter. some say he is dead. others say the influential figure is near death. news reports are suppressed on the mainland and think are blocking searches on the internet. >> terrifying new tactic by lacks to kill airline passengers
6:45 am
is being investigated by u.s. authorities. they are called belly bombs. to be detonated in midair. now more from oakland international airport. >> the reports of so-called belly bombs has led to an urgent alert for increased scrutiny of passengers heading to the u.s. who appear to have had recent surgery. tsa is warning that the surgically implanted bombs are clearly designed to get around most airport screening machines. >> medical experts say there is a plenty of room into in the stomach area to hide a pack it of explosives the size of a grapefruit. experts disagree on whether a bomb inside a body would mean an external detonator. >> the focus is on flights into the u.s. from abroad, passengers at oakland international were talking about the new strategy. >> i think people are so desensitized about people trying
6:46 am
to blow things up, i think we're going to take it as one more attempt of trying to scare us and buying millions of dollars of more equipment to scan. >> but for imminent threats, it's simply as passengers travel especially overseas they may notice additional security measures being taken. checking out business, some improvement in the nation's job picture. >> jane king joins us live from the stock exchange and he is happy when she has good news for us. >> that's right. very nice to tell you about, report coming from adp, companies in the u.s. added 167,000 workers to payrolls in june. that was way better than expected, more than double what economists forecast. weekly jobless claims were also down but still elevated so mixed
6:47 am
news about the job markets this morning but we are looking quite positive. tomorrow is when we get the big jump from the labor department. we'll see. here is how the market is interpreting all this and they are focusing on the positive. dow is up about 67 points and everything in the green and bloomberg silicon valley up about 1%. iphone connections, and possible cordless charging. theories some of the things apple is trying out for what may be a major revamp next year. as for this year's version, hit expected to come out in september. "wall street journal" says it may be thinner and lighter than the iphone 4 but it may be delayed beyond september. how would you like to take a vacation with your boss?
6:48 am
36 pick the option and said yes to a three-day vacation with their boss rather than pay double or travel with their favorite celebrity. 14% say they would go for the celeb vacation. yx >> vacation, that wouldn't be very relaxing. >> you don't do anything. >> thanks, jane. >> my ears are ringing after vacation with ber her boss. >> what is going on out there. we have the clouds rolling in. >> there it is as you look out from vollmer peak, shoreline and going to continue inland and even tomorrow. so expect more clouds in the morning and more cooling in the afternoon. let's take about those temperatures. right now, fairfield, concord
6:49 am
and san jose in the low to mid-50s and everybody necessarily the 50s. monterey, pooh nice deck of clouds is 53-56 degrees and clouds will pull back to the coast inland neighborhoods around the bay, sea breeze will be cooler. more clouds each and every night as the sea breeze gets stronger and that what tumbles our highs as we go to the weekend. compared to average, three degrees cooler in redwood city and san jose, right on and still about 2 degrees warmer than average inland but that will change starting tomorrow. you can see where most of the cooling is taking place today around the bay shore and out to the coast. we'll be around 90 in antioch, brentwood and livermore. mid to upper 80s for rest of the valleys. berkeley, 69. till you get down to union city, upper 70s to near 80 degrees. 83 in san jose.
6:50 am
we have quite a temperature spread on the peninsula from 80 in palo alto to redwood city. 72 in millbrae. upper 50s at pacifica to low 60s for everybody else along the coast. mid-50s in downtown san francisco. low 60s at the north bay beaches. we'll be 78 in petaluma, 70 in sausalito and low to mid-80s for everybody else. down around monterey bay, 67 and low 70s for the rest of the bay and 90 gilroy and hollister. four-game set, the padres and we're looking at 7:15, 63 down to 59. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures tomorrow will be just like today and more cooling for saturday all the way through wednesday of next week. have a great day. here is sue. major problem in san francisco, more detail. big rig towing a mobile home and lost the mobile home networks right lanes. this is the eastbound sky i way
6:51 am
approaching seventh street bryant exit, so 101 into san francisco is very slow from army street. problems in san francisco with a sig alert, mobile home being towed has been dropped off in the back of a big rig. for good news, "h" train now back on track. no problems there. a little minor delay for train number three coming out of central valley. we're going to go to central san rafael, you see the sun is shining there when you get to the golden gate bridge, this waldo grade, there is the fog very heavy down to the deck. you'll need windshield wipers coming into san francisco this morning. we've checked all the traffic, go to and click on bay area traffic that will give you the latest. metropolitan transportation
6:52 am
commission is throng withhold millions of dollars of funding for bart if it doesn't do a better job of integrating the clipper card into the fare system. they of been offering the cards since august of 2009. they were supposed to offer the cards to passengers last night but it missed the deadline. bart riders who receive discounts for reloading their passes through bank accounts are also able to use cards by march 1st but they missed that deadline, as well. >> they found two jurors in administers. school district is fired that changed test scores. some held parties to correct answer sheets before they turned them in. the federal no child left behind is being blamed for the scandals. it rewarded schools with high
6:53 am
test scores. they found cheating in 78% of atlanta public schools. the results are now being forward today state prosecutors to determine if anyone should face criminal prosecution. >> recapping top stories. authorities are trying to figure out who shot and wounded a man on popular walking trail. good morning, lovely trail is closed this morning at least right here at harbor avenue entrance, police are still here, they are looking for clues into latest violence. the man was shot at 8:30 last night on the trail. he was shot in the head. she is in krp. police have not made any arrests no eyewitnesses have come forward. someone did realize there had been a shooting and ran into the mcdonald's and called 911 but police don't have a description of the shooter. they don't know how many people were involved. they don't know whether he was targeted or this was just a
6:54 am
random attack. this is the second shooting on this trail in the last two months. back in may, 19-year-old man was shot in the shoulder. police do believe that attack was gang-related. our other top story is being covered by nick smith. good morning. good morning, amy. the family members of seven men who went missing after their boat capsized on sunday have new reason to have hope this morning a c-130 aircraft departed this morning, mexican and u.s. rescuers have been looking for survivors from the ship wreck in a 1500 mile square region off the coast. authorities have said that the calm and warm waters could enable someone to stay alive for several days. they called on politicians keep pressure on the mexican authorities and the strategy appears to have worked. seven men were on board a fishing boat when it sank at
6:55 am
2:30 sunday morning in the sea of cortez. more than 40 people were on board at the time. they have now searched more than 1100 square miles. the aircraft took off this morning and they are hoping that they can still find those missing men. we're live at coastguard island in alameda, nick smith, "abc 7 news". checking now other top stories, within the last 20 minutes, casey anthony has been sentenced to four years in prison for lying to police investigating the death of her death of her two-year-old daughter. the judge issued maximum sentence and she is expected to be released in early august. >> final check on weather and traffic. we got some fog. >> it's refreshing type for those that are tired of the heat. fog will get thicker and thicker each morning. santa rosa, about 50 degrees. 65 in fairfield, most of us in
6:56 am
the mid to upper 50s until livermore and san jose about 60 degrees. by the afternoon hours, we'll still see 90s but just 90 in antioch and livermore, morgan hill and cloverdale, possibly 94 in clearlake. low to mid-80s in the north bay valleys and around fremont tanned palo alto low to mid-60s. >> we'll be in the 50s in most neighborhoods and temperatures will drop another six degrees by the weekend. >> we're going to take you back to san francisco. we've got a major problem, you see in the maze, 7th street at bryant, a big rig, eastbound sky way, it dropped a mobile home and blocked two right lanes blocked. traffic is very slow if you are heading up 101 from the peninsula. you will start slowing at caesar sha which he has army street heading into san francisco.
6:57 am
sig alert eastbound sky way with a mobile home that was dropped off the back of a big rig. now, we'll take a look at san rafael, southbound 101 out of marin county, pretty good traffic. we took a look, no problems as you head over to the waldo grade but fog around the golden gate bridge. >> thanks very much. that does it for us.tttttt
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